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Welcome to my Townscapes Gallery

Recently I have concentrated on townscapes. The jigsaw pattern of a town has always fascinated me. I am a neat and tidy person and rather than fighting this, I felt I might as well make use of it and therefore began to look at towns and architecture with renewed interest. I pay particular attention to the horizon line of buildings with their strong verticals, horizontals, diagonals and trapeze shapes.

Figures bring a scene to life and add an exciting element to the composition. I draw them with pieces of card and this gives them a spontaneous and playful appearance. They add a sense of a fleeting moment which contrasts with the permanence of the buildings.

Please click through the illustrations below to view just some of my ever changing collection of Townscape painting. You can purchase any of these paintings by clicking on the menu on the right. Also, if you would like to commission me for a particular subject,  click on the Contact Me button.